22. May, 2016

Welcome to Rachel's Book Corner

  Over the last year, since joining twitter, I have become rather fond of reading book blogs and I blame them for the amount of books I’ve read in the last year or so. And so I thought it was about time I waded into the scary waters of blogging myself, especially given the amount of books I read on a weekly basis.

  When I read a book that captures me, one that draws me in and hooks me from the first page, a book that when I’ve finished reading, makes me feel quite lost and bereft because it’s over, I tend to pester certain friends and family that they HAVE to read this book and so I thought starting a blog and sharing my thoughts on these kind of books was the best way forward. Certain friends and family members will be glad of the peace I think - I can be a bit of pain.

  The main subject of this blog is going to be all things books, but on occasion I might have the odd random ramble.

  As an independent author myself, I am hoping to spotlight some fellow Indie authors, we need all the help we can get in the big scary world of publishing and I’m hopefully going feature some guest posts and Q&A’s with them, along with traditionally published authors.

  Anyway, welcome to Rachel’s Book Corner, I really hope you enjoy my blog and find a book that you enjoy just as much as I do!