10. Sep, 2016

What Rosie Found Next - By Helen J Rolfe


What Rosie Found Next - By Helen J Rolfe 

 One house, two strangers, one very big secret... 


A shaky upbringing has left Rosie Stevens craving safety and security. She thinks she knows exactly what she needs to make her life complete – the stable job and perfect house-sit she’s just found in Magnolia Creek. The only thing she wants now is for her long-term boyfriend, Adam, to leave his overseas job and come home for good.

Owen Harrison is notoriously nomadic, and he roars into town on his Ducati for one reason and one reason only – to search his parents’ house while they’re away to find out what they’ve been hiding from him his entire life. When he meets Rosie, who refuses to quit the house-sit in his parents’ home, sparks fly.

Secrets are unearthed, promises are broken, friendships are put to the test and the real risk of bushfires under the hot Australian sun threatens to undo Rosie once and for all.

Will Rosie and Owen be able to find what they want or what they really need?



What Rosie Found Next is the second book by Helen Rolfe that I have read, and I can honestly say she is fast becoming one of my favourite authors.

Australia is a place that I am dying to visit, it has been since I was a little girl, but with astronomical flight prices and a husband terrified of spiders, who regularly tells me that there are a lot of spiders Down Under, I can’t see us visiting anytime soon, and so I have become a bit of a sucker for books set in Australia. What Rosie Found Next, the first book in the Magnolia Creek series, drew me in right away, just because of where it was set, a little Australian town outside of Melbourne, and I found it hard to put down. I was on holiday and I devoured the story in just one day!

I loved the way that Helen described Magnolia Creek, it had me wanting to jump on a plane and visit it myself, despite the fact I know it’s a fictional place.

The story starts with Rosie arriving in Magnolia Creek, to house sit for the Harrison’s whilst they’re away in London for a funeral, and to start her new job at Magnolia house. Rosie is looking forward to having some peace and enjoying the fabulous house that will be her home for the next few weeks.

I found Rosie’s character easy to like, all she really wanted was her boyfriend, Adam, to come back from his job abroad and for them to buy a home of their own and settle down. But Adam was pretty blind to Rosie’s feelings and only thought about what he wanted, which made me start to dislike Adam quite a bit.

On her first night, alone in the house, Rosie is just settling down to sleep, feeling pretty nervous about being on her own in a new town, when she hears noises downstairs and discovers Own, the Harrison’s eldest son.

Owen knows there is some big family secret that his mother is keeping from him and, with his parents away, he decides it’s the perfect opportunity to have a snoop about. But what he didn’t bargain for was Rosie!

Neither Rosie or Owen are happy that other is there, they both just want to get on with what they’re there to do and for a while it’s extremely awkward. Once they both accept that this is the way it has to be, and Rosie lets her guard down, they settle in to a happy routine and rub along together nicely, and fast become friends.

The chemistry between the two soon starts to fizz, making Rosie question her relationship with Adam and, when he appears at the house, things start to get even more mixed up for Rosie.

I enjoyed this book so much, I think the speed at which I read it shows that! I loved both the characters, and Owen just sound so dreamy, and I really was rooting all the way through for a certain outcome.

Helen Rolfe is a fantastic author who draws you in with brilliant descriptive writing and What Rosie Found Next is must read, five-star book!!!!!

I cannot wait for more from Helen and Magnolia Creek!



Meet Helen

Helen J Rolfe writes contemporary women's fiction with an emphasis on relationships and love. She enjoys weaving stories about family, friendship, secrets, and characters who face challenges and fight to overcome them. Helen enjoys creating strong female lead characters and although her stories often deal with serious issues, they always have a happy ending.


Born and raised in the UK, Helen graduated from University with a business degree and began working in I.T. This job took her over to Australia and it was there that she studied writing and journalism and began writing articles for women's health and fitness magazines. She also volunteered with the PR department of a children's hospital where she wrote articles and media releases. Helen began writing fiction in 2011 and hasn't missed the I.T. world one little bit, although the I.T. skills have come in handy of course, especially when it comes to creating and maintaining a website.


After fourteen years of living in Melbourne and then Sydney, Helen decided to return home. She now lives in Hertfordshire with her husband and children and they are slowly becoming acclimatised to the English weather.


Helen is a member of the UK's Romantic Novelists' Association and Romance Writers of Australia and blogs with The Write Romantics, a group of ten writers who met through the Romantic Novelists' Association.


To find out more about Helen and her writing, find her at: