14. Sep, 2016

The Chocolatier's Secret - Helen J Rolfe

Andrew Bennett has an idyllic life in Magnolia Creek, Australia. He runs a chocolate business he adores, is married to Gemma, the love of his life, and has a close relationship with his father, Louis. But when Andrew receives a message from his high school sweetheart, it sends his world into a spiral, and the relationships he holds dear will never be the same again.

Molly Ramsey is looking for answers. After her last attempt, she believes the only way to get them this time is to face her past head-on. But to do this, she has to fly to the other side of the world – and she’s afraid of flying. Her search for answers lands her in an emotional tangle, not only with her past but also with a man very much in her present.

Family is everything to Gemma Bennett and she longs to have a house full of kids, but it just isn’t happening. And when Andrew’s past makes an explosive impact on the family, Gemma must decide whether she can accept the truth and open her heart in a way she never thought possible.

In this story of love, family ties and forgiveness, will past mistakes be the obstacle to a Happy Ever After?



After reading What Rosie Found Next, I knew that I had to read the second book in the Magnolia Creek series. I love Helen Rolf’s style of writing and I couldn’t wait to get stuck into The Chocolatier’s Secret.

When I read a book that I literally fall in love with and can’t stop thinking about, which is what happened with What Rosie Found next, I do get a bit nervous about reading another book by the same author, just in case I don’t have the same reaction. Though, deep down, I knew I didn’t need to be worried with The Chocolatier’s Secret as I have previously read two books by Helen which I’d loved. And I was right, I really had no need to worry because after just the first chapter I was hooked!

I found this book got to my emotions quite a bit, which is not a bad thing, if a book can make me cry then I know it’s a good one, and this book did make me cry more than a little bit.

Gemma and Andrew are happy, they’ve moved to a new town, set up a new business and are happily getting on with it. The only thing that could make it totally complete is a little family of their own.

When Andrew receives an email from an old girlfriend, and a lie is un-earthed from thirty years ago, things start to get a little frazzled for Andrew and Gemma, not helped by Andrew’s father being seriously ill. And then the mysterious Molly arrives which more than ruffles a few of the family’s feathers, especially Gemma’s

Molly is scared of flying, but she needs some answers to help her find out who she really is. So, with help from friends, she gets on a plane and finds herself in Magnolia Creek where she seeks out the missing pieces to the puzzle which is her life.

Again, the descriptions around Magnolia Creek had me lusting after jumping on a plane, not to mention all that talk of chocolate - my mouth has never watered as much whilst reading a book, it got to the point where I sent my hubby to the shop to stock up on chocolate!

Even though this book is part of a series, you can read it as a standalone - I loved the fact that characters from the previous book popped up here and there, it really drew you into the community spirit of Magnolia Creek.

Another five star hit from Helen Rolfe - roll on book three of the Magnolia Creek series, I really can’t wait to see what will happen next in the little Australian town!