24. May, 2017

Cover Reveal!!!!!!!

It’s been two years since the release of my debut novel, Complicated Love, and in that time, I have been bombarded with requests for a sequel.

It’s taken me a while, but I am really pleased to announce that Coming Home will be released on Thursday the 3rd of August, where the story picks up two years on.

It’s been two years since heartbroken Ella ran away to the other side of the world, for a year of travelling with her best friend - where she met tall, handsome, hunky Sam, who asked her to go home with him, to LA. Of course Ella couldn’t refuse, she’d be wrong in the head to turn him down! Besides, she wasn’t quite ready to go back to the UK and face Adam - the man she ran away from, the man she’s desperate to put behind her.

After a year in LA, Ella is loving life, living with the gorgeous Sam, in his parent’s stunning house in Beverly Hills - the post code is 90210 for god’s sake - and she has no intention of giving that up any time soon. But a phone call from her best friend Sophie changes everything and she realises she has no choice but to return home.


Ella leaving, totally broke Adam but, over the past two years he’s worked hard to pick up the pieces, mend his broken heart, and get on with his life. Now married to the lovely Jess, the mother of his daughter and, with their second child on the way, he’s finally in a happy place and well and truly over Ella - or so he thinks!

With his brother’s wedding looming, and knowing that Ella is coming home to be a bridesmaid, all those emotions that he’s fought hard to push away for the last two years, start to resurface and Adam knows that his life is about to get complicated again as realisation dawns on him that maybe he isn’t quite over Ella!


Jess has never been so happy, she’s married to the man of her dreams - the man she’s been in love with since she was fifteen years old, the father to her daughter.  They live in a beautiful house in Chelsea and are about to welcome their second child into the world. Jess doesn’t think anything could spoil it . . . That is until the delightful Ella arrives on the scene and threatens to ruin everything Jess has ever wanted.


Things are about to get even more complicated for Ella, Adam and Jess!

Coming Home is now available to pre-order on Kindle