Complicated Love

Ella fancies the pants off Adam, who wouldn’t, he’s hot! But being shy and awkward, she doesn’t know how to make her feelings known. Besides, boys always pick Sophie over her, so what would be the point anyway? 

Best friends from the age of four, Ella never lets anything come between her and Sophie – especially boys. But when Adam arrives on the scene, Sophie makes it her mission to make him hers and Ella has to sit back and watch her best friend be deliriously happy with the man of her dreams.

Adam has a chequered past and is known for being a bit of player, a different woman every night and no desire to ever settle down and get married. That is until he meets Ella!
The minute Adam lays eyes on Ella he wants her, but unfortunately so does Josh, his brother, who gets there first and asks Ella out. Adam has no choice but to let Josh go for it, and so decides the next best thing is Sophie.

After being thrown together for a weekend in London, Adam and Ella finally admit their true feelings for one another and decide that they have to be together. But when they get home Sophie is waiting with a bomb that will turn their world upside down!
Will Adam and Ella ever find a way to be together? Or has destiny got other plans for them? 

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That Girl - Coming 9th of June 2016

After serving half of a three-year prison sentence, James is out and ready to try and get his life back on track, which means forgetting about the girl who sent him to prison in the first place - despite the fact he’s still in love with her!

Katie knows that she can’t see James, but that doesn’t make it any easier. If she does it could send him straight back to prison, but, she still loves him and is desperate to make things right and tell him how sorry she is for ruining his life.

After accidently bumping into each other, James and Katie can’t stay away from one another and so begin to see each other in secret. After a slight wobble on James’s part, when he decides he can’t take the risk of going back to prison, Katie decides enough is enough and it really is time to move on and put James behind her.

Heartbroken, James decides to try and get his life in order. But due to his conviction it’s not as straightforward as he would like, leaving him miserable and despairing at what his life has become.

When a job opportunity comes up hundreds of miles away he doesn’t hesitate to head south and put his troubles behind him.
Can James and Katie forget each other and move on with their lives without one another? 

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Both books are available in various ebook formats via Kindle, iBooks, Nook and Kobo.

That Girl will also be available in paper back via Amazon.